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도전과 혁신, 열정의 현대로보틱스! 로봇분야의 세계적 선두주자가 되겠습니다.
We are a leading manufacturer of finning machine makes high induction fin tubes which are widely used in HRSG(Heat Recovery Steam Generator) of combined heat and power generation.

Since 1998, we have supplied 44sets of finning machines to domestic customers and 17sets to overseas customers.
80% of domestic market share of our machine guarantee that we have unique technology and high quality assurance.
Our high speed finning machine make it possible to raise the speed up to 1200rpm and produce 340fins/1m(8.64fins/inch) with fin thickness of 0.8mm, which is innovative and give customer high efficiency.
In addition, don’t forget that we are also involved in the business to supply factory automaion systme and special machine thanks to long accumulated technical experience.
We guarantee that we always fulfill the needs of our customers with based on long term experience and technology.
Your any comments on machine is welcome always. We will make our best effort to reflect your comments and to improve the quality of the machine consistently.

Best Regards, D.Y. Jung