Technology Innovative & Advanced


Technology Innovative & Admanced

2020년 ~ 현재

  • 2021

    China Gelan & Exported one 8-inch large-diameter FINNING M/C to DNT each

  • 2020

    Exported the 1st MMW FINNING M/C to Russia for non-ferrous metals

2010년 ~ 2019년

  • 2019

    Started mass production with the first domestically developed peening machine for non-ferrous metals

    Supplied one MMW FINNING M/C unit for non-ferrous metals to Japan, China and Korea

  • 2018

    Exported 2 units of YHHI FINNING M/C (Solid State) to China

  • 2017

    DNT FINNING M/C (Solid State) 2nd export to China

    “Fin tube manufacturing device for heat exchanger” & Patent registration for “solar power generation device for vehicle”

  • 2016

    Export 1st Boiler Tube of America FINNING M/C

    Exported 2 units of FINNING M/C (4”, 8”) to China JingJiang Gelan Petrochemical Equipment Co.,Ltd

    Exported 2nd FINNING M/C to GE Portugal Full Automation Line (Tube In -> Finning ->Cutting -> Beveling -> Rack)

    Export of GE Vietnam FINNING M/C(Solid State) 1st

    Design registration of “fin tube processing machine”

  • 2015

    Alstom Arabia Power Factory Co.,Ltd FINNING M/C 2nd Full Automation Line Export (Tube In -> Finning ->Cutting -> Beveling -> Kanban Rack)

    Exported 1st SCI FINNING M/C to Thailand

    “ARC SEGMENT SPIRAL FIN TUBE” registered as a utility model in China

  • 2014

    Export 1st VIPCO FINNING M/C to Thailand

    Patent No. 10-1370948: Acquired a patent for food waste volume-based collection device

  • 2013

    Exported 2nd DAIKURE FINNING M/C to Japan

    China Zhejiang Yiyang Auto Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd. Exported 1st FINNING M/C

    Export 2 THERMAX FINNING M/C units to India

    Patent No. 10-1343089: Acquired patent for heat transfer tube for waste heat recovery boiler and its manufacturing device (Bent Fin Tool)

    Total domestic and overseas sales of KRW 9.16 billion

  • 2012

    Relocated to 12-5, 129beon-gil, Gimhae General Industrial Complex on April 26

    Export 1st BASET, HIGH SPEED FINNING M/C to Russia


    Total domestic and overseas sales of 6.56 billion won

  • 2011

    Establishment of research department

    Selected as a technology innovative SME (INNO-BIZ)

    Selected as a promising export SME

    Selected as a specialized parts and materials company

    Patent No. 10-1059100: Acquired patent for folding simple house

    Export of AE&E NANJING BOILER , HIGH SPEED FINNING M/C 2 units to China

    Hanju Co., Ltd.'s existing imported #1, #2 Silo Coal Extractor replaced with its own equipment

  • 2010

    Export of 2 units of HIGH SPEED FINNING M/C to Hyundai Bingyun Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. in China

    Exported 1st HIGH SPEED FINNING M/C to Vietnam Doosan Vina

    Acquired ISO14001


  • 2009

    Converted to JTC Co., Ltd. on August 1st

    Won the sale of Gimhae General Industrial Complex (Lot area - 6,755㎡)

  • 2008

    Selected as a promising small business

    Exported 4 units of FINNING M/C to Hyundai Bingyun Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. in China

    Vietnam Doosan Vina, FINNING M/C 1st export

    Exported 1st BENDING M/C to Doosan Vina in Vietnam

    Total domestic and overseas sales of 6.65 billion won

    Daekyung Technos Co., Ltd. Equipment Supply Appreciation Plaque

    Patent No. 10-0838998: Acquired a patent for the cutter blade adjustment device of the serrator

  • 2006

    Acquired ISO 9001

  • 2005

    Purchasing Gimhae Hallim Factory

    Patent No. 0537801: Acquisition of patent for multi-tube heat exchanger descaling device

  • 2004

    Exported 4 FINNING MACHINEs to Shanghai Green, China

  • 2002

    October company establishment